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  1. I discovered your Music during acid jazz season and It is became the soundtrack of my mood. Many thanks !!! Regards Ray

  2. Peter Burns says:

    I am writing a book about the Impressions for early 2014 publication. I would welcome some up to date info about Leroy to add to what I have already have. Great site

  3. Hello, My dad’s Name is JOHN HOLMES SR. former lead singer of the 1977, Milwaukee based group “The Hands Of Time”.
    He sang one of my all time favorite songs “I’LL Never Forget You” written by LeRoy Hutson. . .

    My Name is National Recording Artist J. MOST aka JOHN HOLMES JR., I recorded my rendition of the song and know that it will do very well as I’ve gained a NATIONAL FOLLOWING with the STEPPERS COMMUNITY & abroad.

    My Album release is March 21, 2014. I will be emailing you the Mp3 of the single I’LL Never Forget You, I hope you enjoy it and ifso, consider assisting me with getting the song more exposure.

  4. Hi, I’m going to see LeRoy play at the Indigo2, in London, tonight (31st May, 2014*)… can’t wait!

    Since I discovered him, about 10-15 years ago, his wonderful music, especially the records from the early to mid ’70s, have been an important part of my life: part inspiration, part emotional/psychological soundtrack.

    Several of his recordings are amongst my favourite music ever waxed, with Love The Feeling, All Because Of You and, of course, the sublime Lucky Fellow topping the list.

    About five or so years ago, as a regular contributor to UK magazine Drummer, I wrote a feature on Hutson’s superb drummer of that era, Donelle (sometimes ‘Donny’) Hagan, focussing on the fabulous 1975 ‘Hutson’ album.

    A keyboard playing friend of mine, Tom, once said of Lucky Fellow words to the effect that it was like a piece of perfection that had fallen out of the heavens. I couldn’t have put it better myself. For that, and so much more wonderful music, I’ll love LeRoy as long as I live… thank you Mr Hutson!

    With love and best wishes, Seb Palmer. Cambridge, England, May 31st 2014.

    * It’s great he’s getting out and gigging!

  5. Dominic McLeman says:

    Sir, it was a great pleasure to see you perform again in London last weekend. To meet you afterwards was very special, look after my ticket!! Best wishes, Dominic

  6. Jerz E Brown says:

    peace family. looking forward to working together hmu!!!! Peace bro! 1

  7. Hi Lee Hope you been well I met you around 2008/9 when you were in Chicago. Just was listening to great music one Artist I love particularly is Jill Scott always think of you =} I wish you well with many blessings, btw I owe your movie back Benjamin Button a classic I can’t get enough of hahaa. Your a great person and am very inspired by your perseverance! may God always be with you.

  8. DJ FROG says:

    Leroy Hutson-So In Love one of the best song ever recorded!
    still gets heavy play on my old school nites, theres a nice reggae cover by Bitty McLean also.

  9. David S. Henderson says:

    Just stumbled across your music, and I must say I am very impressed. Have you had any recent tours, here or abroad? Much success to you and I hope I can attend one of you concerts soon.

  10. Debra Williams says:

    Mr. Hutson, I just want to say your musical and vocal aura have held me captive since I was a girl listening for the first time to your Spirit of ’76 composition. There has been NO ONE else who can capture the essence of a thought or feeling the way you do! Just ‘Different’…. Oh My! You encouraged me to explore my vocal talent with ‘You Never Know’ and my life has never been the same. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your gift with all of us! If you are ever in the South and need a back up singer. Call me. I’m there….!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  11. Steve Singer says:

    Man…. 30 plus years and the internet and finally found you…. Closer to the Source, man… love it still..

    come to Boston and play Sculler’s Jazz Club… love your music…


  12. All the Best To You Leroy Hutson.
    Have enjoyed your music consistently
    for the past 40 years. Don’t ever stop.
    Hey, that should be a new album in the works, right???
    The Best To You

  13. Thank you for hearing my group with Dionne Warwick and Guy Draper in Washington DC in 1972. I was signed by Harold Melvin there after and sang with Teddy Pendergrass on 3 gold and 2 platinum album. I heard your album in Los Angeles while performing at the Total Experience and always wanted to say thank you for your endless inspiration.
    Jerry Cummings

  14. RT aka blaksoulfire says:

    Just purchased your box set of your classic cds. I am so happy to find these at a price I could afford. I have loved your music from my childhood until now — and the music holds up so well. So excited!

  15. Sammie says:

    Mr. Hutson We sure do miss you here in California…I have all your Vinyl albums, cassettes and CD’s that’s loyalty…lol I also have your last cd you have on this site. I really love the re-genius of
    “The Ghetto” just the entire cd “Soothe You, Groove You”

    To play your music still sounds really fresh and still GOOD!!!!!, even hearing your magic on the groups, “The Impressions” Natural Four “Can this be Real” and Voices of East Harlem “Giving Love” still blows my mind. I would love to see you in concert one more time. If not! I would love to get a DVD of your performances. Please consider adding this to your music library and store. Such God given talent shouldn’t be kept from your fans in California.

    Thanks to all your loyal fans from across the globe who remember your talent, great music, and reach out to you. May God continue to bless you and all the people who grace this site.
    Thanks again Mr. Hutson

  16. Carlaya says:

    Closer to the Source

  17. John says:

    Great website. Always wondered about the “third” Impression. Impressive body of work, Mr. Hutson.

  18. Sammie says:

    Hello Mr. Hutson
    Good to still see this site available. I was viewing a site that provides information about upcoming concerts. I was blown away to see you were still gracing your talents in the UK. I was happy to learn that, but also disappointed I couldn’t be there😭
    To this day I still say you were overl looked in the music world here in the US. However! I’m glad the UK gives you the love you so rightfully deserve . I just wish you would release a live DVD from one of your concerts to sale on your site. I would be all over it like syrup on pancakes!😄 If God blesses you and I, to be around another year, and you’re still doing concerts in the UK I’m saving up to come see you perform. But for now keep the UK happy with your “BADD SELF”
    Much love coming from California

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